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The Chapters of the eBook

Merge Tables

Dynamic Calendar Table

Ch4 Dynamic Calendar Table

Grouping Data

Grouping Data

Time Intelligence with Power Query

Ch5 Time Intelligence

Combining Files from a Folder

Handling Multiple Data Patterns in a Table

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eBook about and what should I expect from it?

The eBook gives you an insight on how to become a Data Wizard and do magic tricks with Power Query in Excel and Power BI. You can expect a concise eBook with clear examples on how to tackle specific scenarios with Power Query and how to optimize your experience with the tool.

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Why should I get this FREE eBook?

This is a short and concise eBook, aimed towards anyone who wishes to understand Power Query solutions at a conceptual level with clear example-driven chapters. If you wish to do magic with your data and become a Data Wizard, then this is a eBook for you.

When will this FREE eBook become available?

The book was released on January 10, 2017. You can sign up to our newsletter and get your FREE copy right now.

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'Magic Tricks for Data Wizards: TIps & Tricks for Power Query in Excel & Power BI'