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You probably got here from the link in our book ‘M is for Data Monkey’. This is the webpage where you can download all the workbooks that were used in the book and much more content in order for you to master Power Query

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  1. I bought the paperback version of your book from Amazon.
    I’ve attempted to download files as instructed on page 9, but I get a 404 error message.
    Any idea what’s wrong?

    1. Hey Lee!
      We recently changed servers, so the issue could’ve been related to DNS propagation. Would you mind giving it a try again?

  2. Hi,

    In the exercise in Chapter 20, where you create a column for
    the ‘Previous Order Date’ using an [Index]-1 technique, pulling down and across
    the order date from the record above, each record is for a different ‘ID Number’.
    Surely here you are pulling in an order date for a different, say customer?

    How can this be modified to be customer specific, regardless
    of the order of the ID Numbers in preceding rows?

      1. Hey Miguel,
        Thanks for getting back to me. I signed up for the newsletter so I can check out your Data Wizard book, but as yet I’ve still to work out how I access/obtain this book?
        Thanks again for your help – much appreciate.

        1. Hey James,

          Thanks for joining our newsletter! Once you sign up you should receive an email where you’d need to confirm/verify your subscription. Once that has been verified, you’ll almost immediately receive an email with the link to download a zip file that contains the eBook and the sample files. If you have any issues getting that email or downloading the files, please contact us via email at [email protected] where our support team will be able to help you get that sorted.

          Thanks again!!

  3. I am having a hard time following Chapter 16 Automating Refreshing – follow exact step by step, need to run the refresh code twice in order to have the “Transactions” sheet pivot table refreshing. unchecked the “Enable background refresh” on the “Transactions” connection eliminated the Pivot table not refreshing; however (when I remove records to simulate changes) the grouping was ungrouped and not allow to regroup. Anyone having this problem? I am running Excel 2013. most of my other solutions were resolved with “Refresh All” twice instead of having code automate the process.

  4. Has the azure database changed by anychance? I’ve not been able to connect, and have tried pinging both and Both have time out

    1. Hey!

      Apologies for the delay on the reply. The credentials have not changed, but we did experience some downtime a couple months ago where we scaled and transferred our azure subscriptions. You should be able to connect to the database without any issues.

      1. Have the same problem currently. I’m using the credentials in the Kindle book version, however I get “the user was not authorized”. Triple checked they are correctly spelled. Any help, please?

        1. Hey Adrian,

          From past experiences, my best suggestion is to make sure that you’re selecting ‘Database’ Access and not ‘Windows’ Credentials as the server only handles database credentials.

          If you’re still getting issues then please contact us at [email protected]

          I can confirm that the server is up and running.


          1. Hi Miguel,

            Definitely choosing Database not Windows connection. I will send an email to the provided email address.

            Thank you for the quick come back!


            1. Some other suggestions:

              1. Make sure that both the server address and the database names are defined when establishing the connection. The credentials only work for that specific database.
              2. If you’re copy/pasting the credentials, sometimes windows adds a white space a at the end so you might need to check that.
              3: if none of this works, send us the credentials that you’re using plus a screenshot of the error that you’re getting

              1. I got it. But I think the book has a typo or is not clear enough. Sent you an email.

  5. Just wanted to drop a note to say I’ve read your book cover to cover and completed all of the examples and I thought it was excellent.

    One question, it seems that since this book was written the functionality around referencing queries, using parameters and writing functions have been improved markedly by MS. I find MS documentation of this new functionality to be a it poor, any suggestions as to where I could look to learn to use this functionality?

    1. Hey Gary!

      Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the kind feedback. MS is constantly improving the whole Power Query experience every month, but at its core it remains the same. The native way to use parameters is pretty cool, but it’s way easier to implement a pseudo-parameter from an Excel Table and referencing to values inside that specific table than to implement the native parameters in Power Query.

      We have a new FREE eBook that goes over some of the new things of Power Query and you can get it here:

      Also, as part of our newsletter, we send a monthly roundup with all the new functionality that Power Query has and how you can take advantage of it. I encourage you to sign up to our newsletter so you can get your free copy of the eBook and also get more rewards and news from us in regards to Power Query.

    1. Luke, my guess is that you are using a non-subscription version of Excel 2016 (or you haven’t updated it). The fix was delivered to subscription users in Nov 2015 if I recall correctly (Excel 2016 was released Sep 2015.) I have no idea if/when we’ll ever see a rollup pack delivered to address this, as Microsoft is trying to get people onto their subscription model. Delivering the same features to those who are not subscribed would dilute the value for those who have. Try the Help –> Account –> Update and see if that works. Failing that, I don’t know what to say beyond try to move to a subscription version.